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As a student in the Louis-Lumière National Film School from 2016 to 2019 she specializes in directing. She directs Beneath the surface in 2018, her first short film, about mother-daughter relationships. In 2019 she has written and directed a second film, Forever your daughter, about the same theme.
    She has then felt the need of filming outdoors and made La Piade, finished in February 2020. It was inspired by the underwater caves « Piade », in Southern France, now forbidden because of toxics waste and rockslide. Her need to reverse her defeat on destiny gave birth to this movie where wild is still powerful and beautiful; a tribute to an extinct place.
    She is currently writing her first feature film, Sea Bird Challenge. Nature occupies again important place.
    She is also directing a documentary about photography, bought by Résidence 1+2.




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